the spider anointing balm

the spider anointing balm


wisdom + balance

the spider opens a pathway to our inner world, where we can explore our core values + dreams and the patterns + wounds that may be hindering our growth. the spider encourages us to incorporate our awareness into the present + to realign with our highest self. 

RITUAL: anoint third eye or pulse points during times of shadow work + spiritual awakening.

INGREDIENTS: organic cold pressed jojoba oil (charged with tanzan aura quartz + blizzard stone), beeswax, wildcrafted virginia cedarwood essential oil, organic roman chamomile essential oil.

/reiki charged/



PLEASE NOTE that if heated or in the sun this balm will melt! store in a cool area + refrigerate to resolidify if necessary.

handmade in philadelphia.

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explore the crystals infused in this product

blizzard stone

• balances physical + spiritual, light + dark
• grounds + regulates spiritual expansion
• offers protection from others' energies
• assists in psychic + shamanic journeying


tanzan aura quartz

• activates soul star chakra
• downloads personal "blueprint" + akashic records
• expands consciousness + enhances connection to spirit realms/guides
• dissolves karmic blocks (both emotional + physical)


how do crystals work?

everything has energy, a vibration or frequency. each crystal has its own unique vibration. humans also have energy, except ours oscillates and is easily changed. so, when we work with a crystal, we’re inviting that energy into our own energy field, allowing the crystal to influence our frequency. working with a crystal doesn’t mean that we all of a sudden carry its characteristics, instead, it’s creating the opportunity for us to utilize or call in these characteristics.


natural ingredients + essential oils mean the scent is subtle compared to a commercial fragrance + will fade quicker than a commercial fragrance would. the scent may also change once it combines with the natural oils in your skin, or in general over time. please remember FOG products are healing + ritualistic tools, and the goal is to mix the energy of product into your energy field.

the jojoba oil is charged in such a way that the tanzan aura quartz + blizzard stone never come in contact with the oil – this way there is no worry about the toxicity of the stone transferring to the oil.

it is your responsibility to determine if fog products are safe for your use. all ingredients are clearly listed in product descriptions, so please research them before your purchase.

crystals not included with purchase.