no. 1: muladhara


the root chakra.

located at the base of your spine sits the root chakra. a vortex of pure red energy. take a moment. do you feel it? disconnecting from work or electronics or chaos for as little as a few seconds can reconnect us with ourselves, with the earth below us. feel the ground below your feet, feel the seat under your sit bones. this is your strength, your security. it will never leave your side. 

it is more than likely that your root chakra is unbalanced. most of our time is spent in front of screens, indoors, away from nature. you might feel anxious, or stressed, or tired. maybe insecure, maybe scared. take a break, take care of yourself, nourish yourself. spend some time with mother earth. she wants you to release your stress, release your worries. find comfort in her. go outside and play in the grass, take a walk, read a book on the porch. the root chakra is connected to our sense of smell, so while you're outside, smell the smells: the fresh cut grass, the blossoming flowers, the burning wood, the coming snowfall.

"i am deeply rooted." breathe. "i am deeply rooted." we're not trying to convince ourselves of this. we know this. we feel this. we're nudging ourselves, "don't you remember?" and we do.