no. 2: svadhisthana

the sacral chakra.

the sacral chakra sits three fingers below the navel, a vibrant orange, swirling. some of us may instantly feel uncomfortable focusing on this chakra. we were taught to ignore it, dismiss it. we might have even been told it was evil, dirty, shameful. but this is who we are, this is our identity. this is our life force. we were all created inside of the sacral chakra, inside the womb, inside the waters. the sacral chakra is our emotions, our creativity, our femininity, our sexuality, our fertility, our connection to the tides, to the ebb and flow, to the moon. 

reconnection is our focus for this chakra. take a warm bath, visit a stream or lake. take a peek at the moon, notice where she is in her cycle. where are you in relation? allow yourself to feel, anything, everything. write it down, cry it out, scream into a pillow. let your emotions flow. what wounds is your inner child still carrying around? help her heal them. find some passion in your life, find some fun. do the things that make you feel good. 

disconnection from the sacral chakra can make us feel really uncomfortable in our own skin. we start holding things in, we start feeling off, we start disliking our bodies, disliking ourselves. find ways to make yourself feel good, find ways to nurture yourself. we are all sacred beings, we all deserve passion and pleasure and happiness in our lives. in those times where you begin to lose connection to this chakra, remind yourself, "i am open. i am passionate."