no. 3: manipura

the solar plexus chakra. 

the solar plexus chakra is a fiery yellow, nestled in our gut. here lies our confidence and worth, our creativity, our spark, our power. the solar plexus is one of the easiest chakras to feel in the physical body. it's our digestion and metabolism, it's our gut instincts. we can feel it becoming stronger when we focus on core exercises. this chakra usually appears pretty black and white: dwindling flame or wildfire.

not enough fire = you’re burnt out, no energy, no motivation. you probably used to have a lot of fire, right? and now, you can't remember what it feels like. you’ve found yourself in a place of hiding, giving into insecurities. you’ve lost your sense of self and direction. now's the time to add some fire back. lay out in the sun, meditate with a candle, gently strengthen your core muscles. food can be very activating for this chakra, so add some heat to your dishes, some citrus, some ginger. you also want to start putting your foot down, standing up for yourself and your boundaries. yes, it will feel awkward but yes, you will feel much better and stronger afterwards.

too much fire = you're angry (and expressing it), you’re manipulating and lying. you are working way too much, never taking a second to breathe, never taking the time to process your emotions. an overactive solar plexus chakra usually does more damage to the people around you. you've created an aggressive atmosphere, people are uneasy now, people are cautious now - you could explode at any time. you need to find some ways to cool your fire. eat cooling foods, take time to relax and acknowledge your feelings, breathe. what other chakra may be blocked that the solar plexus is compensating for? 

the solar plexus chakra manifests and empowers our ideas and creativity and dreams. it can give us the push we need to pursue them. with both an underactive and overactive solar plexus chakra we feel disconnected from ourselves and can be depressive and hard on ourselves. we need to continue to remind ourselves, "i am confident. i am worthy."