no. 4: anahata

the heart chakra. 

the heart chakra resides nestled by our heart, an emerald light. allow your palm to fall onto it. breathe. you can feel this chakra stronger than most. here, we begin to connect to our surroundings. 

the heart chakra is sensitive, and it takes things personally. we can feel it break open when someone hurts us, betrays us. it tries to protect us, so we close off, we become cold. we don’t ever want to let anyone back in. the littlest moments can thaw us, though.. a quick kiss from a kitten, an honest “how are you?” we remember why we love, why we want to be open and responsive to our environment. 

balancing the heart chakra can be as simple as taking care of ourselves or lending a helping hand. although, sometimes deeper healing is needed. sometimes we can't talk things over with the person who created these wounds, we can't turn back time to relive events and act on them with the knowledge we know now. sometimes all we can do is turn to ourselves. sometimes we need to embrace what's broken, really feel it, and look to ourselves to heal. this takes courage, it takes nurture & nourishment, it takes accepting our flaws, our shadows. the heart chakra is not only connection with the external world, we must also connect inward. forgive yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself. 

the heart chakra is forever a balancing act, requiring consistent support & encouragement. the energy field surrounding the heart is 5,000 times stronger than the brain (third eye) and reaches outwards of 12 feet! the heart is forever playing a game of giving & receiving, giving & receiving. breathe gently, breathe easy, "i let love in, i let love out."