no. 5: vishuddha

the throat chakra.

i have to admit that i've been avoiding writing about this chakra. i've only known the two very extremes of imbalances + i've come to resent it. it's the most volatile + dangerous of the chakras when used inappropriately. this means, however, that it can also be the most beautiful if we learn to work with it. the throat chakra sits at our throat, swirling with blue energy. we can feel it when we have a lump in our throat, when we have sore necks, when we talk or yell or sing. it's powerful. 

the imbalances play a dance. they become a cycle that feeds off itself in order to survive. on one side we have the silenced, the shy, the fearful. on the other... the aggressor, the bully, the opinionated, the liar/manipulator. victim vs bully. haven't you too danced? the throat chakra can become so damaging because it revolves around words. i read once that words are like magic, casting spells onto us, seemingly forever. words are easy to abuse, they cut deep into our core being.

i said the throat chakra can be beautiful, and it can.  a place where self expression, creativity, honesty flow freely. a place where you feel safe in your own skin, in your own thoughts. say how you feel. i don't care if someone doesn't like it. say how you feel. this is different than pushing your opinions + beliefs on others. say how you feel for you. don't expect a certain reaction, or any reaction. if you feel uncomfortable, or angry, or sad, express it. speak from your truth, from your heart. the victim needs to step out of the cycle, refuse to dance. journaling, creating, singing, all of these strengthen the throat chakra. stay true to you. always. it is so freeing.

"i am confident when i speak my truth. i express myself with ease."