moonscope/ october 30 - november 28

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▴ penthesileia - amazon ▴

we are asked to stand up for our beliefs. we are asked to speak up, fight back. maybe you're feeling more forthcoming. maybe you're not biting your tongue anymore. maybe your path of purpose is lighting the way for you again. we are learning how to become empowered, how to get what we want.. without sacrifice, without hurting others, without being selfish. we are learning how to be compassionate warriors. something about autumn makes us feel grounded in ourselves. the colors, the food, the holidays + community. plant your heels into the earth. we take care of ourselves + make good decisions when we feel solid, when we feel strong. 

new moon - october 30/ 

▴ knight of coins ▴

there's a lot of darkness + a lot of emotions here. the sun + moon are in scorpio, plus there's samhain + halloween! don't get lost in the shadows casting around you. don't fight them, either. welcome them, accept them. shadows reveal perspectives that we usually ignore. invite these perspectives in, let them be a part of the conversation. instead of becoming overwhelmed or upset (reacting), start planning. slow + steady wins the race, remember? so, don't up + quit your job, or move, or give up on a project. take the time to analyze why you aren't receiving what you want + then (again, slowly) begin to realign.

full moon - november 14/

▴ the empress ▴

by now, you're getting a little sick of the dark (+ let's be honest, there's been a lot). you're over all the waves of emotions, the highs + lows, the unknown. you want security + stability, now! so, maybe you don't have to eat, breathe, + sleep darkness anymore, but you can't rid yourself of it either. we're still moving slow, connecting with the earth. take a huge sigh of relief. nothing needs to change right this second, nothing needs to do a one-eighty overnight. you need to nurture yourself + your ideas, your plans, your creations. if you are feeling the urge for permanence (your fear is you won't find it), know that this is how it will be achieved.

dark moon - november 26 - 28/

▴ ten of coins ▴

the sun entered sagittarius at the beginning of the week.. a little spark + you're ready to run off with it + conquer the world! s l o w  d o w n. (did you forget that this is our mantra?) in these last few days of the cycle, let's dip into the darkness just a teensy bit more. think about what the coins mean to you. riches, earthliness, manifestation.. can you find these somewhere else besides the physical world? can you find them within yourself? if not, how can you? the reason shadow work seems so scary is because we don't devote enough time to our emotions or our thoughts. we have been taught to focus on the external, that it's what truly matters. but we know that's not how it works. if we can feel abundance spiritually, emotionally, mentally, then the physical will follow.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the fountain tarot.