moonscope/ november 29 - december 27


▴ harmonia - harmony ▴

our heads are high up in the clouds now. we're thinking + planning + resituating. the past month was rough. we faced our shadows + found more shadows still lurking deeper. but now we feel revived! our energy is up, we feel optimistic, we're ready to take action! fire energy is raw + fast, which feels so good! we've missed this rush! but.. a message carries over from the last moon cycle: to slow, to calm, to ground. we can't wear ourselves out. we need to find balance. we need to find peace. let's also be curious, let's be magickal. how can we bring spirituality into everyday tasks? how can we live out our highest selves? let's manifest our lives into what we dream of.

new moon - november 29/ 

▴ justice ▴

justice. fairness. balancing the scales. this is what you want. so bad. and now's the time to jump into action. no more hiding, no more running. if you want change, here's your chance! the sun + moon are in unison, both fire, so let's do this! what have you been waiting to do? what problem areas have your shadows revealed? it's time to bring forth all of your ideas into reality. it's time to live + breathe them. but be careful - keep your motives + values in check. don't run around manifesting for the sake of manifesting. do it because your heart yearns for it. do it because your soul craves it. 

full moon - december 13/

▴ knight of swords ▴

that change you've been working on? it's ramping up. you might have varying thoughts or opposing thoughts. follow your heart, go with your gut. no more hesitating - make a decision + go! no dream is too big, no problem is too complicated. not for you, not now. you've learned so many tools to keep yourself steady + secure during mental + physical shifts. if you continue to align with your self, clarity will appear + your path will reveal itself step by step.

dark moon - december 25 - 27/

▴ eight of coins, reversed ▴

you might feel the urge to learn more. you want to be the best.. + you doubt yourself. now's a great time to take a break + bask in the earth around you. look at all you've accomplished! you'll have perfectionism + insecurity nagging you. acknowledge these feelings + carry on. you need to rest now. you need to give all the changes time to integrate. 

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the fountain tarot.