moonscope/ december 28 - january 26



▴ ariadne - soul mate ▴

the past few weeks (months, years, lifetimes) have shattered a lot of facades. we've journeyed time + time again to the darkness, only to uncover there's more work to be done. we've been torn apart, broken down, and now, maybe, we can finally breathe. with elements earthly + ethereal lining up, we can start to rebuild. we learned so many truths in our depths + we're ready to unite with our souls, our purpose, our self. this task seems theoretical, but it's not. it's about living how we want to live, being who we want to be. we know we have the power to change, so let's change. staying aligned with our highest good, our hearts, we can't be steered wrong. 

new moon - december 28/ 

▴ five of swords ▴

the physical aspects of life are sometimes the hardest to reconcile. they come from a genuine place, the need for security, stability, success. but so easily our thoughts fixate on materialism, greed, status... money, money, money. it's a closed cycle. "how can i gain a higher status so i can make more money? how can i learn more to achieve a higher status?" and yeah, our system does revolve around money, it does favor status. the difference is how you view it, what you're willing to do for it. can you stay true to your values, your goals, your passions? and, where is your worth - externally in symbols, or within you? 

full moon - january 12/

▴ justice, reversed ▴

you feel like the cards are stacked against you, the odds are forever in everyone else's favor.. and you have a whole long list of reasons why. you're brooding, you're scanning your life's map for all the times you've been wronged. these are being illuminated so you can let them go. you don't need to hold onto these events + feelings anymore. they don't define you. they don't make you who you are. so give yourself a hug, take a bath, eat some ice cream, because you're okay. you're releasing past hurts so you can take another step along your path. 

dark moon - january 24 - 26/

▴ the hanged man ▴

take one more dive. you've released, you've discovered. now, surrender. what kind of rituals can you create? how can you connect? automatic journaling, meditation, tarot can be potent during this time. the universe is waiting for you to embrace the magick all around you. so can you set aside ego for a while? can you turn down the analyzing + worrying? can you be present in your body + allow yourself to be a vessel? this is the part that's been missing, after all. trust.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the fountain tarot.