shifting perspective

my third eye and crown have been buzzing lately.  my head is pulsating, throbbing.  i can barely function under all the pressure.  seeds must have been buried in the soil that is my mind, my spirit, my essence long ago.  they must be starting to sprout, to push out of the soil.  it feels as though i'm teething... my mind is teething.  it's strange, but i welcome it.  i hadn't, honestly, until i wrote that sentence.  i've been burdened by it, been playing the victim.  let me treat this as the beginning.  let me nurture, let me nourish, let me grow.  how can i make you more comfortable while you're teething?  how can i help you grow?  i need to trust in this, in the sensations spilling all over my body.  let's embrace the teething, let's embrace the pressure.  i need to stay grounded.  i need to keep being me.  i need to keep reading my boundaries bible, need to keep reinforcing.  i need to do nothing: my sacred fog.  i need to explore inside.  who am i?  who am i becoming?  i thank this pressure for allowing me to "see."  i will do right by you.