moonscope/ september 30 - october 29

overall/ carpo (summer fruits). now that the season has shifted, we begin to categorize + sum up the past. if you've started school or returned from vacation, you're being paraded with questions of "how was your summer? what did you do? where did you go?" i think we all feel these subtle critiques + judgments even if we didn't have a break. we start feeling doubtful of ourselves + our (exterior) progress. we become so anxious trying to tally up all our successes, + we realize we fall short.. maybe compared to others, or more likely, to our own expectations. honoring the seasons + the cycles of the earth is more than just noticing, or following along with associated concepts.. you need to honor your own cycles. maybe this summer sucked for you, maybe you did "nothing." what's wrong with that? there's always something under the surface, right? let's bring our focus there this moon cycle, to what others can't see. let's start counting our achievements in our own way.

new moon - september 30/ judgment. new moons are a chance for renewal + this one is no exception. with the sun + moon in libra, you can bet you'll see imbalances pop up left + right. many of which are not of our own design but are something we inherited or created in response to an event/person. can you make peace with your past? can you find a balance between holding on + letting go? can you face your memories (possibly traumas) without getting lost in them? remember there is no rush in your healing. you can take your time. sometimes all it takes is acknowledgment to be set free.

full moon - october 15/ the magician, reversed. you're being challenged to use the skills you've acquired throughout the summer. now, i know you think there are none, but with the full moon + aries shining brightly you may notice something new. how will you use it? you're feeling the rush to finish, but forcing can leave important aspects behind. maybe this new tool can steer you in a more nurturing path. 

dark moon - october 26 - 29/ four of cups. your emotions + thoughts are going to give you a run for your money. with the sun also newly in scorpio, you may start worrying about money or your appearance (virgo), your relationships (libra), your shadows (scorpio), maybe even all of them. this can be a destructive mindset to be in. try instead to think of the "whys" behind your thoughts + feelings. you see, we're all like spiderwebs, + if you backtrack until you find the very core, you'll learn valuable lessons about yourself + discover what you really need. 

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the fountain tarot.