moonscope/ january 27 - february 25


▴ helen - beauty ▴

staying true to ourselves is extremely difficult at times. we don't like confrontation, or disappointing others, or we're scared, so we become different. we become another version of ourself. it doesn't seem dangerous, creating minute personas, but at their very core they are a coping mechanism, for us to survive. we can find ourselves so far away from who we once were, or who we yearn to be.  we're floating, and during this period everything becomes a tether, everything becomes a lifeboat. we want to find ourselves so bad. and it's time for us to stop thinking that we aren't fully being ourselves at every step on our journey. find yourself, within yourself, each + every moment.

new moon - january 27/ 

▴ the world, reversed ▴

where are you going through the motions? where are you doing things "because you have to?" it's time to break free from the "haves" + "shoulds" and make up your own rules. you are ever changing, ever dying + rebirthing.. how can you change your outer world to mirror your inner? maybe it's time for certain things to leave, maybe you want to welcome new adventures. let your spirit be your guide. 

full moon - february 10/

▴ the magician, ten of wands, the fountain ▴

you've got a lot of big ideas, big plans. it's as if now that you've awakened, now that you have clarity + focus + insight, you can't catch your breath. having lots of energy is so good, but be careful if you're not used to it. if you've been hibernating, incubating, hermitting, a fire full moon could get overwhelming. instead of acting on every thought + impulse, write them down + prioritize. you do not want to burn out! you might find yourself wanting to jump right in, even knowing the risks, but actively take breaks, breathe, relax. the more careful you are with using all this energy, the longer it will last. 

dark moon - february 23-25/

▴ seven of wands ▴

are you committed to yourself? are you dedicated to your journey? what does this look like to you? self care by means of relaxing + soothing is necessary, but what about self care for your highest self? dream analysis, tarot + oracle, journaling, painting.. there are so many ways you can nourish your spirit. these are the activities that get pushed aside, but think of them like you do eating or cleaning. make time + create space for all of you, body, mind, + spirit.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the fountain tarot.