amped up crystal coffee

if i'm not drinking my coffee black, i go all out: fat, potions, elixirs, the works. this year my focus has been bridging the gap between magick + the mundane, and food (or drinks) is an easy + fun way to practice this.

this "amped up crystal coffee" focuses on energy boost. coffee, of course gives an immediate energy source but adding things like fats, protein, + cordyceps sustain that energy, while carnelian supports your body/mind/spirit on a vibrational level to create vitality. you can read more about the carnelian crystal essence i make here.

8oz freshly brewed coffee (mine is conveniently named "fogcutter")
1tsp fourth + heart madagascar vanilla bean ghee
1tsp bulletproof brain octane oil
1 scoop vital proteins collagen peptides
1/2tsp organic mushroom matrix cordyceps mushroom powder
2-3 drops carnelian crystal essence
dash of cinnamon

blend everything on high for 30 seconds to a minute + enjoy!

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. i am not a doctor + cannot diagnose or prescribe anything for you. please research ingredients and crystals to make sure they are right for you.