how i'm staying balanced during a spiritual awakening (and thoughts)

lately my head has been buzzing. i've experienced chronic sinusitis + sinus pressure for months along with tension where my third eye + crown chakras reside. i can’t focus. so much is going on in these chakras that i’m not (consciously) aware of. new ideas + creations are forming, emotional + ancestral blocks are dissolving… my intuition is ready to reveal itself.  so since my mind, my emotions, my spirit, + my unconscious are kicking things into high gear, i’ve been struggling to stay grounded. all the energy in my head has nowhere to go, unless i give it a hand.
1. neti pot
using a neti pot is great for sinus inflammation. it’s also clearing out excess energy from third eye stimulation. i’ve been using a neti pot every morning and night to keep my sinuses flowing.
2. EMF protection
i’ve known about the side effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) for a while now but i hadn’t noticed any. i also resigned to the fact that EMF is unavoidable in our modern world. recently though, i’ve been experiencing headaches when i’m on my laptop for too long, i’ve been having trouble sleeping, + if i hold my phone for too long my hands start to shake. it’s been overwhelming to feel all the excess energy that is produced. i use shungite plates for EMF protection (they're basically stickers for your phone, laptop, tv).
3. spending time with myself (doing nothing)
literally, doing nothing, alone. i’ll lay down in bed, take a bath.. but i’m not talking, not reading, not thumbing through my phone. and i’ll let my thoughts flow, unfiltered. if the same type of thoughts keep emerging (like anxiety), i’ll question them, ask them what they’re all about. this time of sacred nothingness centers me back on my own energy, my own emotions + thoughts.
4. spending time outdoors (possibly also doing nothing)
i’ve moved from a loft to a home so i finally have a backyard again, which has allowed me to spend time everyday with nature. walking, reading, or simply laying around is great for realigning our energy. the earth will absorb our excess + ground us. 

so, i wrote this over a year ago + i never posted it. part of that is feeling like i don’t have the right or am not qualified to share my personal perspective about basically anything.. (working on it). it’s interesting to see what worked and what didn’t.. ok, actually the suggestions i write about here work, just.. i didn’t stick with them. i wasn’t + haven’t been taking care of myself. i still spend a lot of time outdoors + all my EMF protection is still on my electronics, but the other two? yeah, not so much. i spend a large amount of time by myself but i’m not doing “nothing.” instead i watch tv or scroll through my phone. i didn’t suggest this as tips but i used to stream of conscious journal at least a few times a week, if not daily. i also confided in tarot quite a bit. all of that stopped. especially the journalling, like i literally have an aversion to journalling now. and for some reason i just cannot keep a neti pot routine going more than a week or two. so why’d this happen? i’m self sabotaging (obviously not consciously on purpose). i “woke up” during incredibly erratic times in my life. i was getting hit by all angles (definitely just typed angels twice by “accident” hmmm…). in order to protect myself, i shut down. i’ve been aware of it for months + it’s painful to understand what’s happening + just.. let it happen. i like to force through things + this is something i just can’t force through. so i give myself time.. i push myself to do a little tarot, to take third eye healing crystal essences, + that’s enough for now. some things just take time. and.. i might add.. i'm writing this right now, so obviously something is clicking..