Take No Shit: Saturn Transiting Natal Uranus


Saturn transiting my natal Uranus made itself known about five weeks ago. I’d just started the SCD Intro Diet. During this phase of the diet, you can have die-off symptoms. For those of you that don’t know, die-off is when bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. are dying at a rate too fast for your body to process the toxins they’re releasing. After a few days, my die-off symptoms had stopped. I woke up that morning and suddenly everything was overwhelming: my routine, the places I’d been going for months, the people I see all the time, how people act, the energy coming at me. My aura was wide open and vulnerable. I saw every leak in my boundaries. I was so ungrounded and overwhelmed that I was shaking. Whatever rose-colored glasses that remained were ripped off. I kept telling myself (and the universe), “No. I won’t do this.” I wanted nothing to do with the chaos all around me.

For the first two weeks of November, this transit has been exact. Luckily, I picked up on its message earlier, but those themes are still here. They don’t want to be ignored.

Here’s what I’ve been experiencing:

*Remember, I am not an astrologer (yet) and everyone’s natal chart is unique. I have aspects to my natal Uranus that you do not. I am also extremely sensitive to energy and in recovery from long-term abuse and chronic illnesses, so my experiences are generally intense. Everything I share is based off my personal experience and relationship to the planets’ energies.

  • Extreme sudden irritability

  • Extreme sudden overwhelm

  • Getting annoyed by “small” things

  • Getting triggered by “small” things

  • Slipping into triggers without realizing (low-grade triggers)

  • Needing structure, now, in every single aspect of my life, even with “small” things

  • Needing boundaries/others to respect my boundaries in every single aspect of my life, again, even with “small” things

  • Only wanting to be responsible for me

  • Saying “No” a lot - usually to myself or the universe

  • “My way or the highway” attitude

  • There's an immediacy and urgency to every situation mixed with wanting to do things the right way (Uranus gets annoyed at the pace when Saturn wants to slow down and Saturn gets overwhelmed when Uranus presses the play button.)

And, since this is all happening in my 4th House..

  • Suddenly deciding to change my living situation

  • Wanting no part in generational trauma cycles - Actively saying “No” to them when they arise

  • Wanting to break generational trauma cycles on a macro level

So, what am I doing to integrate all of these lessons? A lot of it is internal, like saying, “No, Bryanna. No, universe. I will not partake in this.” Or, “Bryanna, you’re in a trigger.” Awareness is always the first step. I’m also focusing quite heavily on creating and reinforcing structure, and the boundaries around that structure. That’s not an easy task since it’s enmeshed with some big-scheme energies (again, that I want no part of). There’s a lot of shifting, a lot of push-back, and a lot of me pushing back on the push-back. This means I’m making sure to stay grounded, and for me, that generally means severe fatigue which forces me to rest.

I bet you noticed I kept writing “small” things. The things I keep getting annoyed at or triggered by seem “small, insignificant, stupid” to others (and my brain). BUT, boundaries are crucial no matter how small. So when I’m annoyed or triggered, it’s happening because I’m trying so hard to keep boundaries in place and they’re being pushed through.

“I want to do my things my way right now” is the basically the theme of this transit, and that is so good. Do you realize how healthy that is?! Every one of us needs to have a firm grasp on who we are, what we like and dislike, what we’ll tolerate and not tolerate. We all need to be extremely intimate and selfish with our boundaries, especially if you’re cultivating them after abuse. These are invaluable tools that not only rebuild us but also save us in future situations. Saturn says, “Stay firm.” Your boundaries are never insignificant, no matter what anyone says.

Side note: I’m currently reading Out of the FOG: Moving From Confusion to Clarity After Narcissistic Abuse by Dana Morningstar and it is mind-blowing. She discusses what she calls “well meaning bad advice” and how normal doesn’t equal healthy. It’s totally not a coincidence that I’m reading this book during this transit. My whole view on boundaries and healing are completely changing.