The Trials of Hades: Pluto-Moon Transits


You know you’re dealing with Pluto if you feel like you’re being crushed. No matter what you do, life gets more and more intense. Do not fuck with Pluto. Close your eyes and be crushed.

I’ve consciously dealt with Pluto twice now in the past six months, and both times I mistook it for Saturn. Saturn feels like you’re being squeezed. Saturn wants structure and boundaries, so I’ll work tirelessly to create and uphold those. Nothing lets up. I’ll plead with Saturn, “I’m doing everything you want. Can’t you see it? What else could I possibly do?” And then I suddenly feel a pit in my stomach.. Oh, this is Pluto.

Pluto wants extreme death. (No, not physical death.) Pluto will show you every aspect that needs to be killed. This. Is. Not. Pleasant. Pluto also rules over themes like authority, control, power, so situations will occur where you feel as though you have no control, or that others are controlling you. The God of the Underworld wants life-altering, long-lasting transformation, and does not give two fucks about what that might feel like for you.

Here’s where I’ll say my disclaimer. I am not a doctor or therapist. I’m sharing my experience. Don’t do something just because I did. We also have wildly different natal charts and I have copious amounts of trauma in my history, so my experience is intense and probably a whole lot different than what you may experience. I’d also like to add that natally I have a Moon-Pluto conjunction - so this is a huge exaggeration of that.


Let’s break down the energy I’m working with.

Transit Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th House (Pluto: death, extremity; Capricorn: industrious, structure; 4th House: home, ancestry)

Natal Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd House (Moon: nourishment, emotional processing; Scorpio: intensity, penetrating; 2nd House: resources-food, money, etc)

Sextile: Planets are 60-degrees apart. There’s generally cooperation and harmony among the planets. Please remember that this doesn’t mean it’s a “good” or “easy” aspect. Everything is relative.

Events/Themes Naturally Surfacing

(Meaning I did not plan anything according to the astrology.)

  • Working on a future “Ideal Day” and business plan

  • Began and completed EMDR for early adolescent sexual trauma

  • Started using neti pot - clearing out sinuses (third eye and throat chakras)

  • Huge increase in negative self talk

  • My period changed drastically - from super heavy with horrific cramps to almost nonexistent (literally thought I missed it)

  • Increased pelvic floor tension

  • Breaking out in big, painful cysts. This triggered me back to living in Austin where I wanted to hide my face all the time from bad acne (aka wanting to keep myself small). Compulsive habits resurfaced - researching health and wanting to make quick, drastic changes just to make cysts go away. Also, the cysts magically disappeared after I worked through the triggers they brought up.

  • Started classes for astrology, traveled to Portland - a slew of triggers, one second after the next. I was able to rewrite my nervous system with how I related to social and classroom settings. I accepted who I am and allowed myself to be that person without any shame or anxiety.

  • Taking a class called “Your Body, Your Money and Trauma” from Jane Clapp - lots and lots of money triggers.

  • A lot of fighting with my mom. Power struggles within household. Actively dismantling parental complexes, specifically the mother complex.

  • Random power struggles with strangers - people encroaching on my space at the gym, business mentor disrespecting me, appraiser low-balling me. Power struggles with inanimate objects and constructs - “I’m living here so I can’t do xyz..” Also taking power into my own hands, ie. “If this is what’s holding me back, then I’ll take care of it.”

  • Finally found a new place to live (result of taking power into my hands and working through all the money triggers)

  • Uncovered deep-rooted self-abuse within my business


Here’s the thing with Pluto, it’s not going to let up. Allow yourself to be crushed, remember? Before I set out to perform any of these rituals, I actually said, “Hades, I know you’ll show me no mercy, but this is for you.” Instead of trying to make this type of transit feel less intense, match its energy. The work Pluto is not asking but demanding, will flow right through you. (Again, this will still be intense AF.) So, how can you “be crushed?” Moon-Pluto is intense, extreme, death-seeking, obsessive/compulsive/neurotic, emotional, but also, because of the moon, nourishing. Simultaneously destroy and nourish yourself. Create an extreme, rigid self-care routine. Here’s what I did:

  • Intense exercise, as much as I can handle, because #spoonie (Check out for this.)

  • Very hot epsom salt baths, while watching a horror TV show or processing trauma

  • Neti pot, skin brushing

  • Drinking lots of alkaline water

  • Naps as needed. Allowing myself to be completely consumed by tiredness.. laying around/napping all day.

  • Allow myself to have obsessive thoughts, often going into active daydreams. Obsession rituals (from Making the Gods Work For You by Caroline W. Casey)

  • Eating what I crave within my dietary limits

  • 20 minutes of breathwork daily, at least on days when I’m not exercising. Extra long group breathwork.

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Giving into/redefining compulsions - Are all of my compulsions actually compulsions? Things like spur of the moment shopping seem like compulsions because I tell myself I “can’t” buy anything, food cravings seem like compulsions because I tell myself I “can’t” eat that.

  • Cord cutting rituals

  • Lots of journaling and writing as triggers surface

  • All day, every day catching the negative self-talk and saying “I love you” or “That’s not mine.”

  • Blasting the heaviest, nastiest metal I can think of in the car and while cooking, even if I feel like listening to something else. Also obsessively listening to one song, loudly, on repeat.

  • Soul Retrievals as needed. I’m not talking about seeing Shamanic Practitioner here, I’m doing them myself. If you have complex PTSD, you’ll already understand this concept. When I’m in a trigger (extreme or low-grade) it is an emotional flashback. I feel the emotions and physical sensations that are trapped in the past, so in the present, I walk myself through the emotions and comfort myself. These have been VERY vivid. I’ll have a horrible, honestly outrageous thought about my self-image, and I’ll feel a heaviness/hollowness in my heart, along with a wide range of emotions. I put my hands over my heart and talk to my (past) self, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know who made you feel like it but it’s not true. I love you. You’re safe now.”

Two majorly important notes:

  1. You must embrace fluidity and the ebb + flow of the moon. This means deeply listening to what your bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc) are asking. Pluto has to come first, so your schedule might dictate that you’re solely focusing on that one day. It also might mean you go from a morning of breathwork and exercise to passing out on the sofa for hours.

  2. You need a support system, and I’m not just talking friends and family (though, they will come in handy.) Please have your therapist, or whoever guides you, at the ready. Pluto wants you to transform, remember? You can’t do that if you’re not processing what comes up.

I found that even though this plan was to assist Pluto in its job of death and destruction, I was still resisting. And when you resist, Pluto pushes back. Hard. The days I felt best, and made the most progress, were the days I felt as though I couldn’t move because I was so distraught and paralyzed by what I was uncovering, fighting the urge to fix the issues immediately and completely letting them consume me. Honestly, most of the time I’d fall asleep for a few minutes. Do not resist Pluto. Pluto will transform you, if you let it.

The second you stop resisting and let Pluto take over, the intensity will ease up. There’s still work to do, but now it’s integration. The last week of this transit for me was a lot of sleeping. Be okay with what Pluto has shown you. Be okay with the “not knowing,” and rest.

Thy will be done.