moonscope/ may 4 - june 2



▴ charities - grace ▴

we’re entering a time of exploration, within and without us. we’re asked to see all possibilities, hold all answers, all paths. we bloom in the multi-faceted. we bloom in the holographic. there’s beauty in every thing, and now’s the time to embrace it. hold onto it. carry it close to your heart. this joy, this beauty, this love allows you to find playfulness in vulnerability. we find reflections of ourselves in others, and sometimes healing can look a lot like having fun. welcome in the light. it’s time for big belly laughs. you have access to this no matter the time, no matter the place. you carry this close to your heart, always.

new moon - may 4/ 

▴ the high priestess, reversed ▴

you’re struggling with trusting the universe. your arms are wide open, an act of surrender, it seems, but there’s always something holding you back, tugging at your side. fully trusting the divine requires you to soften, uncurl your spine. remember that though vulnerability can be scary, it can also be fun. so, let it out. come undone. establishing this kind of faith in yourself and those around you is how you build trust with the universe. we are all microcosms and any act of love strengthens the whole.

full moon - may 18/

▴ knight of blades, reversed ▴

tension grows. impatience grows. you can charge forward internally, intentionally, blindly. let your guides lead the way to victory. give up your reigns, every last one. you can’t keep forcing the key into the lock or it will become stuck. it’s the right key, and it’s the right lock. it will open when the time is right.

dark moon - may 31-june 2/

▴ queen of cups, reversed ▴

blissfully surrender to the waters of creation. all is still now. there are endless resources when you connect to your waters. reflect on your gratitude. give humble thanks to the gods. close your eyes and breathe deep. manifestation is close now.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the darkness of light tarot.