moonscope/ june 3 - july 1



▴ hesperides - guardians ▴

boundaries are up, protection at the ready. when chaos reigns, we become confused with what’s safe. we’re keeping our magic close to us. we feel too vulnerable, too exposed. have we been giving too much? giving to the wrong energy? remember, not everyone is worthy of our treasure, only those who are willing to be vulnerable with us + meet us on our soul’s journey.

new moon - june 3/ 

▴ knight of blades + ace of coins, reversed ▴

you’re feeling the urge to put those walls up, now. protect everything, at all costs. you want to charge forward + feel the only way to do so is with your armor. there’s an underlying disruptive energy that keeps appearing + it scares you. instead of running away + closing everything out, ground into the energy. accept what’s in front of you + ask the earth, ask spirit to help you transmute it. transmuting energy is transformation, which allows you to move forward without creating more obstacles for yourself.

full moon - june 17/

▴ the star, reversed ▴

you’re so over it at this point. you want to wrap this up so you can find your healing + peace. your emotions feel like too much but they are nourishment. your tears nourish you. trust that healing is flowing. you are healing. even if you’re in the dark, even if you’re in the thick of it. you are never alone. there is always a beaming light.

dark moon - june 29-july 1/

▴ the tower, reversed ▴

it’s time to restructure, to build a better system so you don’t feel like you need protection in the future. build in support, reciprocity, abundance, love. rebuild your world the way you want it. internally re-frame your energy + it will radiate out tenfold into the physical world.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the darkness of light tarot.