moonscope/ july 2 - july 30



▴ pandora - gift of hope ▴

there are blessings in disguise; blessings through pain, trials, exploration, depth, shadows. go where they say not to travel. there may be grief, betrayal, past emotions bubbling but those are insignificant compared to the wonders you’re being drawn to. acknowledge the dark, feel it but let yourself fantasize, let yourself taste your destiny. there’s a bright + pure desire. let that consume you instead of the darkness.

new moon, solar eclipse - july 2/ 

▴ the high priestess▴

listen to yourself. every thought, feeling, whisper. there are messages that only you know. only you know the problem. only you know the solution. only you know what you want. give yourself this devotion. it’s especially important during times of change. when you’re in tune with yourself on all levels, you develop a relationship + a safe space that will carry you through anything—through growth, loss, + everything in between.

full moon, lunar eclipse - july 16/

▴ eight of blades, reversed ▴

what is binding you? what’s holding you captive? don’t turn away—look at it. it may be a powerful force but so are you. you’re giving away your power by turning your cheek. it may seem like there’s nothing you can do. they’ve got you trapped. but doing nothing can be something. lean into it. surrender completely. if you can breathe through this, soften into yourself, you’ll find that you’re able to slip out of the ties.

dark moon - july 28-30/

▴ six of cups, reversed ▴

you are stronger than you think. you are more healed than you can imagine. can you trust your present self to lead you home? there are parts of yourself hiding, scared, alone. they may even be ancient parts of you. another type of surrender. can you let go of these primal wounds and bask in your own glory? you can heal yourself, right here, right now. you are all that glitters.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the darkness of light tarot.