Living in the Future Past: Transits to the Lunar Nodes


The Lunar Nodes are a karmic axis in the chart. To me, karma means a purpose bigger than yourself, a purpose so big you can’t comprehend it in the present moment, or all at once. It spans your lifetime.

The South Node is what you brought into this life—past life experiences, inherited karma, and ingrained habits, as well as your skills. The North Node is what you’re meant to learn in this life, your calling or destiny.

If I break a transit to the Lunar Nodes down to its simplest form: leaving comfortable energy behind (South Node) vs bringing uncomfortable energy in (North Node).

It’s easier to watch and experience the Lunar Nodes in action (examples below) rather than define them, but here are some concepts I’ve noticed..

  • Both/and

  • Listen to the whispers // Whispers are future (higher) self coming through to you. This is a chance to trust yourself and the universe (Same thing. Trust in self = trust in universe. You are a universe.)

  • Destiny only fulfilled by releasing past karma (trauma) // Like a soul retrieval and awakening destiny at the same time. You know how Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul talks about the spiral? Contraction, then expansion.. transits to the lunar nodes feel like contraction and expansion happening at the same time.

  • Events may happen but you won’t know the full effect. Even if they’re significant events, you can’t comprehend where it will take you until you look back. They snowball and spiderweb. (Because I have Uranus at the same degree, that is usually activated as well, so it’s been pretty spot on with “surprise” events linking to karma/destiny.)

  • Let things naturally unfold and also take the reigns (especially if there are whispers).

  • Hair on arms and neck standing up/goosebumps (This is a sign that the you and the universe are on the same page).

  • Feelings of “Oh my god, this is huge” during events, even teeny conversations with others.

  • Feelings of “This is bigger than me” about past karma (trauma) and path of purpose (future).

My personal lunar node transits:

For reference here are my lunar nodes //
North Node: Aquarius, 5th House
South Node: Leo, 11th House, conjunct Jupiter
(Also because it’s at the same degree and often included, my natal Uranus is in Capricorn, 4th House.)

*Transits feel different depending on what kind of aspect. Some are not equally on both nodes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius (3rd House) trine South Node, sextile North Node—December 1 - 4, 2018

  • Karmic patterns exaggerated to see clearly

  • Breaking and/or accepting “contracts", “fate”, and cycles

  • Where am I in all of this? Free will, the Self, ego

  • Signed up for the gym (super out of comfort zone)

  • Setting up 1:1 breathwork, reached out to Philly studio

  • Depersonalizing

Venus in Scorpio (2nd House) square Lunar Nodes (trine Uranus)—December 11

  • I want space from “karma” so I can heal and connect with myself and others (others that aren’t involved with “karma”)

  • Struggling with having enough resources because of “karma”

  • My self worth depends on who I am connecting with—who has accepted me.

Mars in Aries (7th House) trine South Node, sextile North Node (square Uranus, also Mercury conjunct Uranus)—January 9, 2019

  • Spur of the moment tattoo that says “stay awake”

  • Feeling embarrassed by triggers and wanting to get angry at them and get them over with instead of working through them.

Venus in Sagittarius (3rd House) trine South Node, sextile North Node—January 13

  • Reliving trauma memories while completely relaxed

Mercury in Aquarius (5th House) conjunct North Node, opposite South Node—January 27 + 28

  • Fun with an important friend

  • Lots of anxiety/flight mode

Mars in Taurus (8th House) square Lunar Nodes (trine Uranus)—February 22 + 23

  • Moved to Philly

Venus in Aquarius (5th House) conjunct North Node, opposite South Node—March 6 (also New Moon in Pisces)

  • Daydreaming

  • Bought items for home (moved in the other week)

Mars in Gemini (9th House) trine North Node, sextile South Node—April 8 + 9 (also Mars return)

  • Gestalt coaching appointment (I don’t remember what we worked on at this appointment but they are always massive shifts in my life).

Mercury in Aries (7th House) trine South Node, sextile North Node (square Uranus)—April 21

  • Lots of active daydreaming

  • Asked the universe for a sign I should trust it about an important friend (and the universe delivered BIG TIME within a few hours)

Venus in Aries (7th House) trine South Node, sextile North Node (square Uranus)—April 25

  • Went out and met up with new friends (super out of comfort zone)

  • This is a group that hosted an event I participated in where I made 3x my sales goal a month later

Mercury in Taurus (8th House) square Lunar Nodes (trine Uranus)—May 9

  • Hung out with a new friend for the first time, who now happens to be a good friend :)

  • Decided to removed/alter tattoos

Venus in Taurus (8th House) square Lunar Nodes (trine Uranus)—May 20

  • Messaged one of my best friends from high school that I hadn’t talk to in like 10 years, which basically ended up being a massive soul retrieval.

Mercury in Gemini (9th House) trine North Node, sextile South Node—May 24

  • Weird drama with family that eventually led to me remembering a repressed trauma.

Uranus in Taurus (8th House) square Lunar Nodes (trine Uranus)—June 8 - July 3

  • On Day 1: Event where I made 5x my goal in sales, exceeded June’s monthly sales goal, and met an organization that wanted me to host Breathwork Through the Zodiac

  • Drawing natal charts

  • Processing really deep repressed trauma (that really didn’t end up being mine—my ancestors were forcing theirs through my memory). A lot of therapy and dissociating.

  • Led my first paid breathwork group

  • Reaching out and setting up collaborations with local shops

  • Getting recognition and messages from alternative health/therapy field

  • Visions (like actual visions of future)

  • Working through It Didn’t Start With You inherited family trauma workbook

Venus in Gemini (9th House) trine North Node, sextile South Node—June 13 (during above Uranus transit)

  • Announced breathwork groups

  • Working on a project that a few weeks later forced me to realign my business

Mars in Leo (11th House) conjunct South Node, opposite North Node—July 10 + 11 (also the start of a Pluto transit)

  • Deep cleaning whole house

  • Rearranging furniture and setting up studio for in-person breathwork

  • Met up with an important friend

To be continued..