Moonscope: August 30 - September 27



▴ Nike - Victory ▴

This card screams “Hooray!” With eclipse season two full moon cycles behind you, Mercury retrograde long gone, and Jupiter stationing direct a few weeks ago—the Universe is sending you the green light! There is a lot of activity moving throughout September. Take advantage of it. Make sure your self-care is on point and you have lots of downtime to integrate and process the energy.

New Moon in Virgo - August 30 at 6:37am

Virgo can get hung up on details and wanting everything to be perfect. Are you feeling this with a new project? Maybe an issue that’s recently come up? Wanting to be perfect or have something be perfect stems from a limiting belief that you are not enough. Internal obstacles and blocks are created around this as a result.

AFFIRM: I am not an obstacle. I am my support.

RITUAL: Setting intentions and noticing how they feel in your body. If you catch yourself thinking critically or in a limiting belief, journal, pull tarot cards, or practice Virgo Breathwork.

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius - September 5 at 11:10pm

Big Ideas. Too many ideas (No such thing but it may feel that way and become chaotic quick!) Where do you want your energy to go? Ground yourself and let the answer come to you. Some of your ideas may be distractions and busy work covering up fear surrounding what you actually want.

AFFIRM: My energy follows my clarity.

Full Moon in Pisces - September 14 at 12:33am

You are almost there! Please don’t be discouraged. The closer you get, the more real it becomes, and that’s scary. It’s okay, really! Take a break and socialize. Call some of your friends. Dreams are not meant to live in isolation. Talk out any blocks you’re having. It’s also a good idea to check in with your energy with some meditation or tarot.

AFFIRM: I am not alone. I am always connected.

RITUAL: Write a gratitude list—make it as long as you can, Pisces Breathwork.

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini - September 21 at 10:41pm

Now it’s time to reflect. It’s likely there will be a surge of information, guidance, or energy. Take your time to rest. This could turn into overwhelm or anxiety if you don’t take a break to listen.

AFFIRM: I trust my intuition. I trust my intuition. I trust my intuition.

*time is shown in Eastern Time

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