moonscope/ july 31 - august 29



▴ amphitrite - depth of feeling ▴

charge forward—your dreams are supported and loved. you are fueled by your emotions, desires, creativity. your energy and sustenance lies here. go spread the word, own your voice and your power. declare you are here.

new moon - july 31/ 

▴ six of wands▴

don’t get caught in drama. who is meant to support and love you, does so, and does so fully. there are no questions, no doubts. your team backs you up.

full moon - august 15/

▴ five of coins, reversed ▴

there’s a hint of despair - but wait, why? do you see the light inside? there is comfort. there is warmth. don’t fall into past beliefs that you are alone. you are connected and loved, always.

dark moon - august 27-29/

▴ the chariot, reversed ▴

you are still working towards your goals when you rest. i will repeat that: you are still working towards your goals when you rest.

*bonus card:

▴ queen of coins, reversed ▴

take your time. breathe. ground. enjoy the sensations you feel, the smells, the sights around you. you radiate when you take a step back to relax and relish in your self.

decks used: ancient feminine wisdom of goddesses and heroines, the darkness of light tarot.