Moonscope: September 28 - October 26



▴ Nemesis - Retribution ▴

This cycle is about embracing your inner beauty. Does that sound cliche? This year, especially over the summer, has brought massive shifts, clearings, and openings. Honestly, it's been quite a mess at times, no? I'm not saying that energy shifts aren't going to continue, they are, but it's easier for you to be in a state of bliss, wonderment, and complete support when you take note of your blessings and express gratitude. I'll do that right now to start us off. Thank you for reading this. It means so much to me. I send love and support to each and every one of you.

New Moon in Libra - September 28 at 2:26pm

There are two options here: Drown in your emotions, see all your faults and shortcomings, or stand in your power and feel your story, feel how connected you are. And hey, maybe part of your story is that you are in fact stuck, you have some work to do to align with yourself. But maybe, just maybe, you can show yourself compassion and look at these "down times" as periods of inner reflection. Feel your empowerment when you are in this state of self-awareness.

AFFIRM: I see times of reflection as times of empowerment.

RITUAL: Write a list of how you want to feel the rest of the year and tape it to your mirror, Libra Breathwork.

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn - October 5 at 12:47pm

There is frustration, anger, possibly rage. Take a moment to pause and check-in. What's really going on? Is this an internal battle? External? Take a step back before you fight. Once you are clear, find a healthy way to release the energy built up in your system.

AFFIRM: I use my anger as a guide.

Full Moon in Aries - October 13 at 5:08pm

Sparks will reunite. Listen closely. Pay attention to the signs coming to you. This might not be in your face. Drops of intuitive clarity and "a-ha!" moments may pop up. Whatever it is - trust it and go with it. This is a new view on an old story. It might feel strange or make no sense but you're being asked to rewrite a narrative that's been playing out all year.

AFFIRM: I trust what I see and feel.

RITUAL: Write down any sudden thoughts, intuitive feelings, and synchronicities, Aries Breathwork.

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer - October 21 at 8:39am

You're being called to stop looking out. You need to look inward now. Shine a light on how you're feeling. Connect to your magick. Whatever this means to you, whatever this looks like for you. Find time for silence and solitude, and the answer will come to you.

AFFIRM: I have all the answers I need within me.

*time is shown in Eastern Time

Deck featured: Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines