Surrendering to Hades: Pluto-Moon Transits, Part Two


So here we are again at Pluto sextiling my Moon. If you haven’t read The Trials of Hades, do that first to ground into the energy I’m talking about. This is a continuation of that story.

I don’t know if it’s because I did my Pluto homework or because Pluto is retrograde, but DAYUM, this round was so much easier, dare I say, pleasant at times. Pluto’s first pass was back in January so I’ve had 7+ months of equally intense transits (Saturn Return, Saturn trine Venus, Saturn, in general, lol, Uranus square). During The Trials of Hades, I was living in a stressful situation and my life (my business, my purpose, etc) was stagnant. Pluto ripped me open to show me all of that. I saw how alone and unhappy I was. I honestly still do not know where I’m going but I know I’m closer than I ever have been. I know that I have myself and that is my biggest strength.

During these 7 months between transits, I moved. I started working with a money coach to work through money triggers and heal my relationship with my business. I embraced my power and my intuition, and listened to Spirit when it talked to me. I literally got rid of my complex PTSD; it is no more. I’ve purged my energy of repressed and ancestral traumas. I’ve also been active in many different parts of my community, met lots of new friends and connected with old ones. Oh, and I read about Pluto a TON, through the lens of astrology and mythology.

Like I said, I did the work. I had lots of transits. This is a personal reflection on my Pluto transit and yours will be different depending on your own natal chart and your own life. I’d also like to say, Hi, I am a practicing astrologer now, just in case you don’t follow me on Instagram or know me IRL.

I want to mention sextiles briefly before I move on. Sextiles are opportunities. The energy is there but you need to activate it. My opinion with Pluto is that you might not be able to ignore the sextile anyway, but it’s not the same energy as a conjunction or square. Ya gotta work for it.

Events/Themes Naturally Surfacing

  • Vulnerability

  • Serious empath upgrades

  • Had a friend over for the first time to hang out since well, I was 17 (I was abused/isolated for the majority of my adult life.)

  • Deep cleaning my house and rearranging my studio

  • Trust and surrender

  • Learned about Human Design

  • “Punishment” trigger surfaced briefly

  • Stepped WAY BACK from a karmic relationship

  • Talked to my mom like normal again (I had been feeling weird towards her for a few months)

  • Opened up fully to the idea of past lives

  • Researched synastry and past lives in astrology

  • Began to draw up astrology services. Remembered how much I love astrology and how excited I am about it. (Not that I wasn’t doing it. I was in school and it seemed theoretical for me to offer it.)

  • Got pulled over for the first time—tail light was out, lol. Dorky example but seriously, power/authority figures, right? I was as cool as a cucumber.

I didn’t need to remediate this time. I will say that Pluto Retrograde is sneakier.. or not what you think. Pluto brought up a story I so desperately wanted (want tbh) to happen. I’m not sure how to describe it really, because all Pluto wants is transformation and to bring you closer to your soul. He’s not mean. He’s not playing tricks. But he is amoral. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

When you realize Pluto is taking over, you will want to control him. Please don’t. You’ll make everything harder on yourself. You will never beat Pluto. You will never conquer and rule over this God. You will never be in control of the reigns. At best, you are equals, co-creators. Do not try to out-smart, out-best, or out-rule Pluto.

My advice always is to surrender. Surrender to whatever is coming up. This can mean you’re suddenly very angry. Feel it fully. Match the energy and go scream into a pillow. Don’t rationalize it. There is simply no vocabulary to what comes up during Pluto transits. And that’s totally normal. Pluto brings up things that are trapped in our soul. This means it might be centuries old. It might not even belong to you.

Pluto always surfaces for me as obsessive thinking and intense emotions. I like to process them by listening to music. I’ve created a Pluto playlist that you can access here. I’m constantly adding new songs to it.

See you later in the year with part three!