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no. 5: vishuddha

the throat chakra.

i have to admit that i've been avoiding writing about this chakra. i've only known the two very extremes of imbalances + i've come to resent it. it's the most volatile + dangerous of the chakras when used inappropriately. this means, however, that it can also be the most beautiful if we learn to work with it. the throat chakra sits at our throat, swirling with blue energy. we can feel it when we have a lump in our throat, when we have sore necks, when we talk or yell or sing. it's powerful. 

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no. 3: manipura

the solar plexus chakra. 

the solar plexus chakra is a fiery yellow, nestled in our gut. here lies our confidence and worth, our creativity, our spark, our power. the solar plexus is one of the easiest chakras to feel in the physical body. it's our digestion and metabolism, it's our gut instincts. we can feel it becoming stronger when we focus on core exercises. this chakra usually appears pretty black and white: dwindling flame or wildfire.

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no. 2: svadhisthana

the sacral chakra.

the sacral chakra sits three fingers below the navel, a vibrant orange, swirling. some of us may instantly feel uncomfortable focusing on this chakra. we were taught to ignore it, dismiss it. we might have even been told it was evil, dirty, shameful. but this is who we are, this is our identity. this is our life force. we were all created inside of the sacral chakra, inside the womb, inside the waters. the sacral chakra is our emotions, our creativity, our femininity, our sexuality, our fertility, our connection to the tides, to the ebb and flow, to the moon. 

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no. 1: muladhara

the root chakra.

located at the base of your spine sits the root chakra. a vortex of pure red energy. take a moment. do you feel it? disconnecting from work or electronics or chaos for as little as a few seconds can reconnect us with ourselves, with the earth below us. feel the ground below your feet, feel the seat under your sit bones. this is your strength, your security. it will never leave your side. 

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