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Living in the Future Past: Transits to the Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes are a karmic axis in the chart. To me, karma means a purpose bigger than yourself, a purpose so big you can’t comprehend it in the present moment, or all at once. It spans your lifetime.

The South Node is what you brought into this life—past life experiences, inherited karma, and ingrained habits, as well as your skills. The North Node is what you’re meant to learn in this life, your calling or destiny.

If I break a transit to the Lunar Nodes down to its simplest form: leaving comfortable energy behind (South Node) vs bringing uncomfortable energy in (North Node).

It’s easier to watch and experience the Lunar Nodes in action (examples below) rather than define them, but here are some concepts I’ve noticed..

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moonscope/ january 27 - february 25


▴ helen - beauty ▴

staying true to ourselves is extremely difficult at times. we don't like confrontation, or disappointing others, or we're scared, so we become different. we become another version of ourself. it doesn't seem dangerous, creating minute personas, but at their very core they are a coping mechanism, for us to survive. we can find ourselves so far away from who we once were, or who we yearn to be.  we're floating, and during this period everything becomes a tether, everything becomes a lifeboat. we want to find ourselves so bad. and it's time for us to stop thinking that we aren't fully being ourselves at every step on our journey. find yourself, within yourself, each + every moment.

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moonscope/ december 28 - january 26


▴ ariadne - soul mate ▴

the past few weeks (months, years, lifetimes) have shattered a lot of facades. we've journeyed time + time again to the darkness, only to uncover there's more work to be done. we've been torn apart, broken down, and now, maybe, we can finally breathe. with elements earthly + ethereal lining up, we can start to rebuild. we learned so many truths in our depths + we're ready to unite with our souls, our purpose, our self. this task seems theoretical, but it's not. it's about living how we want to live, being who we want to be. we know we have the power to change, so let's change. staying aligned with our highest good, our hearts, we can't be steered wrong. 

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