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Moonscope: September 28 - October 26


▴ Nemesis - Retribution ▴

This cycle is about embracing your inner beauty. Does that sound cliche? This year, especially over the summer, has brought massive shifts, clearings, and openings. Honestly, it's been quite a mess at times, no? I'm not saying that energy shifts aren't going to continue, they are, but it's easier for you to be in a state of bliss, wonderment, and complete support when you take note of your blessings and express gratitude. I'll do that right now to start us off. Thank you for reading this. It means so much to me. I send love and support to each and every one of you.

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moonscope/ september 30 - october 29

overall/ carpo (summer fruits). now that the season has shifted, we begin to categorize + sum up the past. if you've started school or returned from vacation, you're being paraded with questions of "how was your summer? what did you do? where did you go?" i think we all feel these subtle critiques + judgments even if we didn't have a break. we start feeling doubtful of ourselves + our (exterior) progress. we become so anxious trying to tally up all our successes, + we realize we fall short.. maybe compared to others, or more likely, to our own expectations. honoring the seasons + the cycles of the earth is more than just noticing, or following along with associated concepts.. you need to honor your own cycles. maybe this summer sucked for you, maybe you did "nothing." what's wrong with that? there's always something under the surface, right? let's bring our focus there this moon cycle, to what others can't see. let's start counting our achievements in our own way.

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