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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Do you believe in magick?

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde—exes come back, computers go haywire. Sure. These can actually be true but retrogrades offer insight and an extended period to focus on an intention.

Let’s start out with what Mercury represents. Mercury is thought, communication (includes technology), our thinking brain, nervous system, and how we process information. In Mercury lore, it’s said that Mercury, while retrograde, acts a psychopomp. A psychopomp guides the newly deceased to the underworld. This is a sacred job. All of Mercury’s attention is on this duty so the list above is tabled for a few weeks. This is why we perceive things as going wrong during this time. We cannot count on Mercury to do the work for us. We need to play the role of Mercury for ourselves—triple check emails, auto-save documents, etc.

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Moonscope: September 28 - October 26


▴ Nemesis - Retribution ▴

This cycle is about embracing your inner beauty. Does that sound cliche? This year, especially over the summer, has brought massive shifts, clearings, and openings. Honestly, it's been quite a mess at times, no? I'm not saying that energy shifts aren't going to continue, they are, but it's easier for you to be in a state of bliss, wonderment, and complete support when you take note of your blessings and express gratitude. I'll do that right now to start us off. Thank you for reading this. It means so much to me. I send love and support to each and every one of you.

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Moonscope: August 30 - September 27


▴ Nike - Victory ▴

This card screams “Hooray!” With eclipse season two full moon cycles behind you, Mercury retrograde long gone, and Jupiter stationing direct a few weeks ago—the Universe is sending you the green light! There is a lot of activity moving throughout September. Take advantage of it. Make sure your self-care if on point and you have lots of downtime to integrate and process the energy.

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moonscope/ july 31 - august 29


▴ amphitrite - depth of feeling ▴

charge forward—your dreams are supported and loved. you are fueled by your emotions, desires, creativity. your energy and sustenance lies here. go spread the word, own your voice and your power. declare you are here.

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Living in the Future Past: Transits to the Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes are a karmic axis in the chart. To me, karma means a purpose bigger than yourself, a purpose so big you can’t comprehend it in the present moment, or all at once. It spans your lifetime.

The South Node is what you brought into this life—past life experiences, inherited karma, and ingrained habits, as well as your skills. The North Node is what you’re meant to learn in this life, your calling or destiny.

If I break a transit to the Lunar Nodes down to its simplest form: leaving comfortable energy behind (South Node) vs bringing uncomfortable energy in (North Node).

It’s easier to watch and experience the Lunar Nodes in action (examples below) rather than define them, but here are some concepts I’ve noticed..

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