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Take No Shit: Saturn Transiting Natal Uranus

Saturn transiting my natal Uranus made itself known about five weeks ago. I’d just started the SCD Intro Diet. During this phase of the diet, you can have die-off symptoms. For those of you that don’t know, die-off is when bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. are dying at a rate too fast for your body to process the toxins their releasing. After a few days, my die-off symptoms had stopped. I woke up that morning and suddenly everything was overwhelming: my routine, the places I’d been going for months, the people I see all the time, how people act, the energy coming at me. My aura was wide open and vulnerable. I saw every leak in my boundaries. I was so ungrounded and overwhelmed that I was shaking. Whatever rose-colored glasses that remained were ripped off. I kept telling myself (and the universe), “No. I won’t do this.” I wanted nothing to do with the chaos all around me.

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how i'm staying balanced during a spiritual awakening (and thoughts)

lately my head has been buzzing. i've experienced chronic sinusitis + sinus pressure for months along with tension where my third eye + crown chakras reside. i can’t focus. so much is going on in these chakras that i’m not (consciously) aware of. new ideas + creations are forming, emotional + ancestral blocks are dissolving… my intuition is ready to reveal itself.  so since my mind, my emotions, my spirit, + my unconscious are kicking things into high gear, i’ve been struggling to stay grounded. all the energy in my head has nowhere to go, unless i give it a hand.

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moonscope/ november 29 - december 27


▴ harmonia - harmony ▴

our heads are high up in the clouds now. we're thinking + planning + resituating. the past month was rough. we faced our shadows + found more shadows still lurking deeper. but now we feel revived! our energy is up, we feel optimistic, we're ready to take action! fire energy is raw + fast, which feels so good! we've missed this rush! but.. a message carries over from the last moon cycle: to slow, to calm, to ground. we can't wear ourselves out. we need to find balance. we need to find peace. let's also be curious, let's be magickal. how can we bring spirituality into everyday tasks? how can we live out our highest selves? let's manifest our lives into what we dream of.

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no. 1: muladhara

the root chakra.

located at the base of your spine sits the root chakra. a vortex of pure red energy. take a moment. do you feel it? disconnecting from work or electronics or chaos for as little as a few seconds can reconnect us with ourselves, with the earth below us. feel the ground below your feet, feel the seat under your sit bones. this is your strength, your security. it will never leave your side. 

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