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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Do you believe in magick?

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde—exes come back, computers go haywire. Sure. These can actually be true but retrogrades offer insight and an extended period to focus on an intention.

Let’s start out with what Mercury represents. Mercury is thought, communication (includes technology), our thinking brain, nervous system, and how we process information. In Mercury lore, it’s said that Mercury, while retrograde, acts a psychopomp. A psychopomp guides the newly deceased to the underworld. This is a sacred job. All of Mercury’s attention is on this duty so the list above is tabled for a few weeks. This is why we perceive things as going wrong during this time. We cannot count on Mercury to do the work for us. We need to play the role of Mercury for ourselves—triple check emails, auto-save documents, etc.

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Self-Imposed Limitations

How many months of Saturn have I been dealing with now? Lol. Jesus, it feels like an eternity. Oh, and it’s not going to let up for quite a while longer. My Saturn Return feels special. I get a chance to have it three times. I don’t know what the next two will deal with but pass number one is about where my limits are. Do I have limits?

This first Saturn pass has back-to-back conjoined my natal Saturn, opposed my Midheaven, and now it trines my natal Venus. Over the past month and a half, there’s also been Mercury in Pisces (retrograde, too), Venus in Pisces, and both of those planets have had little rendezvous with Neptune. Now, I don’t especially pay attention to the transits right now. I’m more focused on what transits affect my chart. I will say this: Current transits are like the weather. Personal transits are like your task for the day/week/month. Sometimes skies are clear and the temperature is just right. Your plate is full but you can focus. Other times, there’s a freaking hurricane for a month and you STILL have loads to do. Get what I mean? Bet you can guess which example I’ve been in.

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