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moonscope/ october 30 - november 28


▴ penthesileia - amazon ▴

we are asked to stand up for our beliefs. we are asked to speak up, fight back. maybe you're feeling more forthcoming. maybe you're not biting your tongue anymore. maybe your path of purpose is lighting the way for you again. we are learning how to become empowered, how to get what we want.. without sacrifice, without hurting others, without being selfish. we are learning how to be compassionate warriors. something about autumn makes us feel grounded in ourselves. the colors, the food, the holidays + community. plant your heels into the earth. we take care of ourselves + make good decisions when we feel solid, when we feel strong. 

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no. 2: svadhisthana

the sacral chakra.

the sacral chakra sits three fingers below the navel, a vibrant orange, swirling. some of us may instantly feel uncomfortable focusing on this chakra. we were taught to ignore it, dismiss it. we might have even been told it was evil, dirty, shameful. but this is who we are, this is our identity. this is our life force. we were all created inside of the sacral chakra, inside the womb, inside the waters. the sacral chakra is our emotions, our creativity, our femininity, our sexuality, our fertility, our connection to the tides, to the ebb and flow, to the moon. 

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