bttz: libra

bttz: libra


libra themes include: truth, balance, justice, equality, relationships, fairness, boundaries.

use this breathwork session
- during any significant astrological transits around libra (for example, when the sun, moon, or planets move into libra)
- if you have lots of libra (or lack of libra) in your natal chart
- if you want to process the energy you hold around libra themes

you will receive a video introducing you to breathwork + exploring libran energy and a playlist for the session. please save the download once you’ve opened it, as the link will expire 24 hours after it’s first clicked.

you will need spotify premium to listen to the playlist in order and uninterrupted. if you do not have spotify premium, you can sign up for a free one month trial through them.

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what is breathwork?

breathwork is an active, two-part meditation. bringing breath into the body allows stagnant energy to break up + release. it can clear trapped energy related to anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, + more. breathwork quiets the brain + brings awareness into the body. it allows a deeper connection to Self, intuition + spirit. you may experience buzzing or vibrations in your body, emotional releases, memories, or messages. it is a profound experience, that is, quite honestly, hard to put into words.

disclaimer: i am not a doctor + cannot diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. breathwork is a complement to healing but should never replace treatment or medicine. if you have any concerns before trying breathwork, please consult your doctor or therapist.