Client Introduction + Informed Consent

Breathwork is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows deep self-exploration, healing, and transformation at all levels of the Self (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Breathwork utilizes the breath, crystals, essential oils, and music to help you access a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, I understand that issues arising from my participation in Breathwork may require therapeutic or supportive interventions.

I understand that my Breathwork facilitator is not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. Breathwork and crystals are a complement to healing but should never replace treatment or medicine.

If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, have experienced a traumatic brain injury, have a seizure disorder, or have experienced retinal detachment, please consult your doctor before beginning Breathwork. If you have any concerns before trying Breathwork, please consult your doctor or therapist.

I have read and understood the information on this consent form.

I request and consent to Breathwork sessions facilitated by Bryanna Hastings