smokey quartz crystal essence

smokey quartz crystal essence


anchor + transmute

smokey quartz is the crystal equivalent to sage smoke - it clears + protects + grounds by absorbing + removing negative thoughts/feelings/energy. smokey quartz activates the root chakra + connects the spirit back to the body + the earth.

RITUAL/ take 2-3 drops internally or in a glass of water.

INGREDIENTS/ reverse osmosis water (charged with smokey quartz) + local iowa brandy.

/reiki charged/


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what is a crystal essence? water that has been charged with the vibrations of a crystal.

how are crystal essences used? essences may be taken internally, added to beverages, bathwater, or used as ritual or anointing tools. 


while i am a certified crystal healer, i am not a doctor + cannot diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. crystals are a complement to healing but should never replace treatment or medicine.

the water is charged in such a way that the rainbow moonstone never comes in contact with it – this way there is no worry about the toxicity of the stone transferring to the water. 

it is your responsibility to determine if fog products are safe for your use. all ingredients are clearly listed in product descriptions, so please research them before your purchase.

crystal not included with purchase.