the hanged crystal + flower essence

the hanged crystal + flower essence


suspension + liminality

to accept the uncomfortable + unknown. 

RITUAL: take 2-3 drops internally or in a glass of water during times of incubation.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, brandy, essences of nirvana quartz, tektite, + blue myrtle.

/reiki charged/


handmade in philadelphia.

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nirvana quartz

• quiets the ego + links the brain to the heart
• rids the self of outdated + destructive patterns
• opens a portal where past + future cross
• awakens inner visions of destiny
• strengthens ability to trust + surrender to the unknown



• keeps the physical body present while attaining awareness + consciousness
• strengthens aura, raises vibration, + dissolves trapped external energy
• allows existence outside of time or space


how do crystals work?

everything has energy, a vibration or frequency. each crystal has its own unique vibration. humans also have energy, except ours oscillates and is easily changed. so, when we work with a crystal, we’re inviting that energy into our own energy field, allowing the crystal to influence our frequency. working with a crystal doesn’t mean that we all of a sudden carry its characteristics, instead, it’s creating the opportunity for us to utilize or call in these characteristics.

what is a crystal essence?

in short, it’s the essence of a crystal. water, like humans, is easily influenced. allowing a crystal (or flower) to sit near or in water charges the water with the crystal’s frequency. there are many ways to use a crystal essence - it can be added to bath water, ritual oils, sprays, used for dressing candles, but the main benefit is taking it internally. since the crystal’s energy is stabilized in the water, and a) humans are easily influenced by energy, b) water is easily influenced by energy, c) humans are mostly made of water, the frequency of the crystal is able to change our frequency much faster and for a longer duration. often times the effect of the crystal is more potent than using it externally.


while i am a certified crystal healer, i am not a doctor + cannot diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. crystals are a complement to healing but should never replace treatment or medicine.

the water is charged in such a way that the tektite never comes in contact with it – this way there is no worry about the toxicity of the stones transferring to the water. 

it is your responsibility to determine if fog products are safe for your use. all ingredients are clearly listed in product descriptions, so please research them before your purchase.

crystals not included with purchase.