“if myth is breath, then ritual is the act of breathing.”
- caroline w. casey

breathwork is an active, two-part meditation comprised of two fast-paced inhales + an exhale. bringing breath into the body allows stagnant energy to break up + release. it can clear trapped energy related to anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, + more. breathwork quiets the brain + brings awareness into the body. it allows a deeper connection to Self, intuition + spirit. you may experience buzzing or vibrations in your body, emotional releases, memories, or messages. it is a profound experience, that is, quite honestly, hard to put into words. the breathwork style i practice was developed by david elliot.

my experience with bryanna’s breathwork session calmed me to the point of total trance, and i felt the effects all day. the forceful, active breathwork at the beginning of the session tires your body and mind just enough to then enter the most relaxed and meditative state that just isn’t possible to enter without the upfront work of deep, active breathing. it is a terrific experience - one that all should try!
— kira bland

breathwork gives the mind + the body something to focus on. this allows for a non-ordinary state of consciousness where your “thinking” brain turns off. it allows other parts of your brain to wake up. this is a process of deep self-exploration, healing, + transformation at all levels of the Self (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). often times this is where old gunk is stored. think of it as sticky energy. it can’t get out on its own. the breath acts like a vacuum, circulating around the energy, loosening it, + allowing it flow out of you. releasing looks different for every one every time.

breathwork is helpful for processing anything you feel is “sticky” or you feel is too big for you. things like grief, negative self-talk, shame, guilt, anger, + anxiety. breathwork can also be used to cultivate new energy to bring into your bodies, like trusting your intuition + the divine, living heart-centered, + connecting to creativity.

what to expect

sessions are around 50 minutes. we’ll drop in + set an intention. during the session i hold space for you, acting as an anchor as you explore your inner world. i also incorporate crystals + incense. you’ll breathe the active breath for about 35 minutes, then rest, breathing normally, for about 10 minutes to integrate the session + ground. my work is trauma-sensitive. it is my gift to be able to walk into the shadow world. i can meet you wherever you’re comfortable in your healing process, however, if you’re willing to dive deep, and i suspect you are if you’re drawn to me, i will hold the chasm open for you + guide you along the way.

in-person* sessions in philadelphia
*accessibility: two flights of stairs. please email at bryanna [!at] sacredfog.com for accommodations.