one-on-one breathwork sessions

coming soon in philadelphia!

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what is breathwork?


breathwork is an active, two-part meditation. bringing breath into the body allows stagnant energy to break up + release. it can clear trapped energy related to anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, + more. breathwork quiets the brain + brings awareness into the body. it allows a deeper connection to Self, intuition + spirit. you may experience buzzing or vibrations in your body, emotional releases, memories, or messages. it is a profound experience, that is, quite honestly, hard to put into words. the breathwork style i practice was developed by david elliot.

sessions are around 50 minutes. we’ll drop in and set an intention (you don’t have to tell me anything personal - i totally get being more introverted at times + wanting some privacy during the healing process). during the session i hold space for you, acting as an anchor as you explore your inner world. i also incorporate crystals and may place crystals around you or give you crystals to hold. you’ll breathe the active breath for about 35 minutes, then rest, breathing normally, for about 10 minutes to integrate the session + ground.


i offer a sliding scale for one-on-one sessions. a sliding scale allows a wider audience access to breathwork. i also know that healing can become quite an investment when you’re combining lots of different modalities to stay afloat. i’d like breathwork to be an addition to your arsenal. use the guide below to find your suggested rate. please choose appropriately so that those who need access to the lower end of the scale are able to. i rely on your honesty, and i don’t judge or ask questions. your rate can change session to session to fit your needs at the time. if you have any questions or if these options do not work for you, please feel free to email me: bryanna [!at]

suggested rates

$80 - the actual cost of a session. please choose this option if you have financial security and are able to pay for your “wants.”
$70 - please choose this option if you are able to meet your basic needs but have little/no expendable income.
$60 - please choose this option if this session would interfere with your ability to meet your basic needs.

referral program

when you refer a friend i’ll email you a discount code for 20% off a breathwork session or apothecary items. just have your friend mention that they were referred by you when they book their session! referral discounts are unlimited :)