astro-based fitness + medical astrology // the body astrologer
anxiety + trigger first aid kits // austin h howard



the major arcana + mental health podcast // the firebrand witch
tarot for the wild soul podcast (specifically the episode called "trauma and the tarot") // lindsay mack
complexities podcast



alex march
lune innate
healing depersonalization & derealization



the empath as archetype by elaine la joie
becoming the narcissist's nightmare by shahida arabi
overcoming depersonalization disorder by fugen neziroglu, katharine donnelly, + jose yaryura-tobias
complex ptsd: from surviving to thriving by pete walker
psychopath free by jackson mackenzie
out of the fog by dana morningstar


boundaries bible // i wrote this a few years ago based off an email series from @empaths_and_hsp
(if i remember correctly). feel free to download and use as a guide for your own boundaries.