perfume samples

perfume samples


these perfume balms are made with extra oil blends from the discontinued perfume oils. available in 1oz. moon perfumes come with a corresponding affirmation card. only a few of each available - these will not be restocked.


NEW MOON: cleansing + renewing / mahogany obsidian, cardamom, jasmine, sweet orange.

FULL MOON: healing + nurturing / clear quartz, vanilla, lavender, sandalwood.

/reiki charged/


PLEASE NOTE that if heated or in the sun this balm will melt! store in a cool area + refrigerate to resolidify if necessary.

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DISCLAIMER/ the coconut oil is charged in such a way that the crystals never comes in contact with the oil – this way there is no worry about the toxicity of the stone transferring to the oil.

it is your responsibility to determine if fog products are safe for your use. all ingredients are clearly listed in product descriptions, so please research them before your purchase.

crystals not included with purchase.