mercury retrograde: nervous system check-in

retrogrades are all about pausing + reviewing. mercury rules the nervous system, + those of us with anxiety, chronic illness, past trauma, etc. may be asked to direct our full attention to this area in order to further nourish ourselves. on behalf of you, i'll seek advice from the energies at play during this retrograde to uncover how you might work with mercury's lesson.

*add on a custom crystal + flower essence blend to help integrate this reading (price includes usps first class shipping).

please allow up to 3 days for your reading to be delivered via email and your essence to be shipped.

deck used: dark days tarot

available through august 18th.

from 7.00
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disclaimer: tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only + for those over 18 years of age. tarot readings do not predict the future. i am not responsible for how you use the information from a reading. tarot cards + crystals should never replace medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling.